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Manage and Assign Tasks

When you login, you will see all of your upcoming tasks in your dashboard view. Check off tasks once they have been completed. All completed tasks will be saved in the 'View Completed Tasks' page. You can also assign important tasks to team members.

Setup Reminders for Tasks

Never miss a deadline! When adding a task under a contact, you will be able to set an email reminder that will be sent to your or a team member's email address within 48 hours of the task's due date.

Upload and Attach Important Documents to Your Contacts

Easily upload and attach any document on your computer to your contacts and leads. In the 'Files' section, you're able to see all of the files that you have uploaded to your account. Sort the files by 'File Name,' 'Contact Name,' and 'Date Uploaded.'

Organize Your Contacts

You'll be able to assign tags to each contact and categorize them by job title, industry, interests, etc. Clicking on your contacts tag would then list everyone who has the same tag. For example, if you wanted to tag a contact with 'Lead', you'll be able to view all of your contacts that have been tagged with Lead.

You're also able to keep track of your contact's social media activity by monitoring their tweets or by linking their account to their Facebook and LinkedIn profile.

Export Targeted Lists for Future Email Marketing Campaigns

First, search for a category of contacts by searching for a Tag. Once the list has been generated, click the Export link located at the top right of the page. The file is saved in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. This format is useful for those who want to import their contacts to a email marketing software (ie. MailChimp).

Easily Import Contacts to Your Picnic CRM Account

Picnic CRM makes it easy to import your contacts from your email accounts (Gmail, Aol and Yahoo!), an excel file or from your MailChimp account. Upload thousands of contacts at a time and store an unlimited quantity. Picnic CRM is a great tool for managing your large contact lists. As always, we are constantly updating and evolving Picnic CRM to make it the best CRM platform on the web. We will be integrating with other popular email marketing applications shortly.

Keep Track of Your Notes

Your recent notes that you entered from your last meeting will appear on the dashboard for you or your team to read. Keep your team up to date on important information relating to a contact.