How can Picnic CRM help my business?

Organize your contacts

Store unlimited contacts by name, email address, phone number, location, company, job title, social profiles, etc. Categorize contacts by tags that can used to create a mailing list.

Manage & assign tasks

Don't let anything slip through the cracks! Manage and assign tasks for your team. An email reminder will be sent 48 hours before a task is due. Check off the tasks that have been completed.

Import & export contacts

Sync your Picnic CRM account with popular email services and MailChimp to import contacts. You can also import and export contacts in a CSV file.

Attach important files

Upload and attach important documents such as proposals, RFPs. images, etc. We offer 5GB of storage space with the basket plan for only $9 per month!

Organize your notes

Store an unlimited number of notes. Each note is dated and is displayed in a timeline. Write full paragraphs (or more) of information to share with team members.

Monitor social activity

Stay up-to-date with your contacts/leads social acitivity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Monitor recent tweets to know what has been going on in their personal and professional lives.